Founded by Harvard Business School and INSEAD alumni in 2010, we offer a broad portfolio of leadership development programs to suit your company’s learning needs - ranging from short online courses to multi-modular multi-month programs with project work.

Our Enterprise Solutions team works with organizations to carefully understand your learning requirements and translate it into a world-class learning journey.

Our collaborations, global presence and expert team ensure that the design, delivery and impact of the programs deliver lasting value to your organization.

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Why us

We deliver world-class programs and transformational experiences. Our programs help organizations better understand how to harness their top-talent and thrive in a rapidly changing global marketplace.

Improved employee

Empower your executives with advanced business skills and strategies to inspire them to achieve your company’s ambitious business goals. Investing in the growth and retention of skilled employees lowers your business costs and maximizes efficiency and productivity.

High Return Of
Investment (ROI)

Harness motivated and creative leaders who are equipped with a global education. Our flexible learning model minimizes time away from work and maximizes real-time impact.

Alignment with industry

Motivate executives to move beyond simply staying relevant to become trailblazers, understanding and innovating the latest industry methods through real world application, peer-to-peer learning, simulations, and case studies.

Transformation into
world-class leaders

Prepare your most talented executives to transition into leadership positions throughout your organization, training them to lead boldly in the global and digital age.



Our learning approach incorporates multiple pedagogies that appeal to adult learners including multi-modular learning, byte sized learning, real world application, simulation & role play, peer-to-peer learning, case studies, cohort discussions, project work, and coaching.

Our programs are designed across the following formats:

Transform Your Talent
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